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Michael brings Sellers offers from within the largest real estate network: the Power of Collaborating Buyer Brokers, Canada (, Quebec (, and his own private network of contacts to your doorstep when listing your property with Michael Lederman. To harness the power of Quebec and Canada's largest real estate network as the ultimate real estate team for finding the best buyers at the best price and within the best amount of time -

Michael Lederman is a member supplier of Brookfield relocation services and enjoys partnerships with military approved experts such as notaries and building inspectors. Click icon links for useful resources and call Michael TODAY to begin asking questions about what to expect during your HOUSE HUNT TRIP (HHT) when FINDING THE BEST HOME or FINDING THE BEST BUYER for your property .



When moving or considering a change in property, let me sell your current home in the fastest amount of time for top dollars. If you're buying a home let me help you find your perfect home.

Your answers will help me understand better the base features of your home we can discuss pricing your home ACCURATELY so that I can help YOU find the Best Buyer in the Best Amount of Time at the Best Price.

Call me to have a personal estimate of your home. All homes are not alike. You need to have me come in to give you a proper estimate.  Let's Talk.

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Ready to sell or move elsewhere?

You can list your home  with a traditional real estate company and pay:

• Generally starting at relatively high commission rates sometimes even exceeding 4%

• Just 1% listing commission

• Receive same Full Service that a traditional company offers

• Option to Sell Privately: Find your own buyer and save the selling commission

• Choose the add-on Selling Commission

• You will not pay any money out of your pocket until you sell, and for as long as it takes.

Every buyer and real estate agent in town and across the country will have access to your property thanks to the largest real estate network of brokers in Quebec and Canada working together in collaboration to sell your home at its true market value.

Oh, and I won't promise to sell your property in 30 days or buy it, for I would have to offer you far less than its worth.

*Average commission saved using my complete full service on a $500,000 home is a minimum of $10,000 plus $1,497 QST/GST. This translates to a whopping $11,497 or approximately $18,000 before taxed earnings.

Remember...SAVE & MAKE MORE MONEY: if you find a buyer privately, the above savings will double and you should expect to make more money.

Also remember... paying a high commission rate to sell your home does not mean you will get more service or more money for your property. It just means you are paying more commission.

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Lastly, these costs usually cover a limited listing time, and require repayment to continue if your property does not sell or require that you pay for additional services that add up without any professional liability insurance afforded to you if things go wrong with a sale.

Ready to sell or move elsewhere?

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• Absolutely NO Funds d'indemnisation du courtage immobilier

All real estate brokers must hold professional liability insurance. This insurance provides additional financial protection to consumers in the event of fault, error, negligence or omission.

• No legal protection if things go wrong with the transaction

Every real estate broker contributes to the Fonds d'indemnisation du courtage immobilier (indemnity fund). This Fund has the authority to compensate the consumer in the event of a problem during a transaction.

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