If you made that difficult decision to sell, call or email me.  We can talk about your home, what your key selling points are and your homes’ unique value to buyers. I will maximize your property’s visibility and negotiate the best possible options. This is my job, and I love doing it!

*** Paying a high listing commission doesn’t mean you get better service or a wider network.  It simply means you’re paying more – and getting less. Using my 1% listing commission and my complete service (listing and selling commissions) saves the seller on average $11,497 on a $500,000 home.  That simply means money in your pocket!

*** Real estate commissions are broken into two separate parts.  The listing agents commission and the selling agent’s commission which are negotiated in the brokerage contract.  To list your home, I charge a 1% listing commission. Many brokers charge much more as their listing commission.

We’ve all heard the expression:  “Buying a house can be the largest transaction you will ever make.” This is your home, your life, your investment. Personally I think selling your home will be an even larger transaction and selling it can be a confusing and difficult transaction.  I will help you understand all variables involved, like:

* Every real estate broker contributes to the Fonds d'indemnisation du courtage immobilier (indemnity fund). This fund has the authority to compensate the consumer in the event of a problem during a transaction. ** All real estate brokers must hold professional liability insurance. This insurance provides additional financial protection to consumers in the event of fault, error, negligence or omission

Military and corporate relocation specialist and member of Brookfield Relocation Services. Time saving HHT house-hunting trips. Listing and Selling.

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My job as realtor is to use creative and proactive ways  to maximize visibility for my clients and to negotiate best terms when offers are made. I am also involved in growing community awareness and promoting Aylmer, Gatineau as a place for people to move and invest into real estate.  Check out the Listing Music Video, first in Canada, for my client’s listing which enjoyed more than 18000 views in 3 days!

This funny music video listing brought 20k views to my client's listing in 5 days!

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Canada's premier news magazine picked up my video listing parody I made to give my client's home HUGE VISIBILITY, 20k views in 5 days!

Follow Chez Aylmer on FaceBook, a community page I founded in 2007. 3000+ visibility

Hundreds of families in the Ottawa-Gatineau region are moving to Quebec to take advantage of lower house prices.

Comparing Gatineu and Ottawa neighbourhoods in this reputable Ottawa Magazine

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At it again for my seller clients with Oh What A House video that reached 8000 views in 4 days!

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